Photo album

This book by Vanessa Holden & Susie Cushner shows how fun and easy it is to create photo albums that are beautiful, rich and impactful, befitting the memories they represent.

Since the invention of photography, the photo album has held a special place in our lives. Photo capture moments in time; they help us to remember and reflect upon people and places we hold dear. With the advent of digital photography, the photos we do print are all the more important to us.

photo album is full of practical tips, inspirational ideas and photography/layout tricks. it includes twenty-four specific photo album projects, complete with step-by-step instructions, ranging from special occasions from family reunions to everyday moments around the home and neighborhood. photo album inspires you to have fun capturing images of what is special in life, and turn them into a captivating visual record to savor, show off, and pass down through the generations.

Whether assembling an inkjet album using digital photography, or sliding 4x6 prints into an elegant brag book, photo album shows how to elevate the beauty and emotional impact of a photo album, turning it into an instantly cherished heirloom.

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