Kolo was founded in 1998, as a premium brand of paper products (photo albums and notebooks), bags and eyewear. We have grown to fame due to our minimal design, function, sophisticated color palette and quality. In the past two decades, Kolo has sold millions of premium notebooks, albums and other products and built a strong and loyal following with creative professionals throughout the world from Tokyo to Berlin to New York, helping people to capture and share life’s most important moments.

At Kolo, we have a strong passion for photography and the presentation of photography via books. Big books or small, the power of prints and the books that hold them is what consumes us.

Photographers, artists and other creative professionals were the first to discover Kolo. Around the world, they use Kolo archival books as simple tools….tools that allow their photos and art to be captured and shared. The power of print. Alive and well in a digital era!

In 2016, Kolo was acquired by Topdrawer making Kolo one of it's exclusive proprietary brands joining the other exclusive brands of Romeo, Color Chart, Merippa, Paper Republic, Amario and Helvetica. Although Kolo is most famous for its paper related products, Kolo's eyewear and organic cotton bags have become a major part of its product portfolio. Kolo is at the core of Topdrawer's mission to help Creative Professionals due their best work while being good stewards to our environment. 

Behind every life, there is a great story. What’s your story?