General Questions

Q: I have not received my order confirmation.
A: To ensure successful delivery of order related emails from kolo.com please consider adding customerservice@topdrawershop.com as a contact. We recommend checking your email account Spam or Junk folders. If you still can't view your confirmation email, please send us an email at customerservice@topdrawershop.com for assistance.

Q: Are your products archival and safe for photos?
A: All Kolo products are archival, acid- and lignin-free, and meet or exceed all standards set forth by the United States Library of Congress.

Q: Which of your albums are dry-mount? In other words, which require the use of photo corners, photo mounts, or photo tape to affix the photos?
A: The Newport and Newbury are all dry-mount albums. In addition, the Noci album comes with removable photo sleeves that slide off, allowing it to be used as a dry-mount album as well.

Q: Which of your albums are easy-load? In other words, which albums have pockets into which I can insert my photos?
A: The Hudson and Noci are easy-load photo-sleeve albums. The Noci Album’s photo sleeves are held in place by tension and can be slid-off for scrapbook-style sheets.

Q: How do I clean a Kolo cloth-covered album?
A: We suggest using a dry cleaning pad for removing basic fingerprints and other dirt or particles. Staedtler makes a dry cleaning pad that works well and can be found in most art supply and drafting stores. Avoid using soap or water on Kolo products as they will stain.

Q: What is bonded leather?
A: The content of our bonded leather material is made of 100% recycled cowhide fibers. The fibers are bonded together by natural latex, a renewable resource from Hevea trees. Approximately 70% our bonded leather is leather fibers and 30% is non-leather substances, mainly the natural latex along with tannin oils, vegetable tannin, dyes, and leather finishes. It has the same, look, feel and aroma of the genuine leather as it is tannery made.

Q: What are cloth-hinged pages? What is the benefit of using them?
A: These scrapbook style paper pages feature a strip of cloth near the binding of the album which allow the pages to fold over flatly and easily in a uniform way.

Q: What is the best environment to keep my album?
A: It’s important to store all photographs and photo albums in a dry place out of direct sunlight, with a consistent temperature around 70° F. Humidity and extreme fluctuations in temperature can seriously damage photographs, even when archival storage products are used.

Q: Are your products made in the USA?
A: Our products are made in the following countries: The United States, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Holland and the Czech Republic. We control the product development and production process by designing and engineering our raw materials, and choose where to make products throughout the world to capitalize on the unique strengths of each country of production and more specifically, the company producing each component.

We carefully monitor quality control and working conditions around the world, ensuring that our suppliers share our values in workers’ well-being and the environment. Each product is labeled with its country of origin; however, the country of origin sometimes makes only for the final place of assembly, incorporating many raw materials and parts from around the world. By law, we are required to provide the name of the final country of assembly.

Accessories and Assembly 
Q: Should I use photo corners, photo mounts, or photo tape for my project?
A: Photo corners, photo mounts ,and photo tape are all effective methods of affixing images to scrapbook pages. Choosing which to use is generally a personal preference. Photo tape and photo mounts are a permanent method of affixing images to the page, while photo corners allow for removing photos from the page in order to change the photo, scan it, or make a copy of it. Some prefer the ease of using photo mounts, while others find photo tape preferable, especially for uncommonly sized objects or memorabilia.

Q: Can I place photos on both sides of a scrapbook style page, or will the photos stick to each other?
A: We recommend using our clear page protectors when displaying photos on both sides of the pages of a scrapbook style album. This is due to the fact that photos can stick together when facing each other, especially in humid climates. You can also mount photos on each side of a page in a placement arrangement to ensure they don’t touch. The Hudson and Noci allow you to place photos on both sides easily since the page protector is built into the sheets.

Q: How many pages can I fit in my refillable post-bound album?
A: The Newports' included posts will accommodate up to 15 pages.  Using 1” for these albums allow for up to 25 pages, and up to 50 pages when using 2” posts. 

Q: Why should I purchase 1” or 2” extender posts if refills come with ½” posts?
A: Although each package of refill pages comes with ½” posts which may be added to those already in the album, additional posts cause a reduction in the album’s stability. For this reason, we offer 1” and 2” replacement posts. These replace the album’s original posts to allow greater capacity and stability. Currently, we mail 1/2" posts in a separate parcel. They will not be attached to the Refill Pages until further notice

Q: How many photos does the medium Havana hold?
A: The medium Havana can accommodate approximately 500 4”x6” photos. It also accommodate 12 Noci albums.

Q: Which albums will fit in the large Havana box?
A: The large Havana will fit two 8 ½” x 11” Newport or two Newbury albums.

Q: Is there a box which will accommodate the 11”x14” sized albums?
A: Unfortunately, Kolo does not currently offer a photo box for this size.

Q: How many divider tabs does the medium Havana come with? Can I buy more?
A: The medium Havana box comes with five divider tabs. We offer additional divider tabs for purchase in packages of five. 

Q: How much space is available for a captions or notes?
A: The Hudson features approximately  2” of space on the inside portion of the page for journaling, note taking, or captioning. 

Q: What type of pages does this album have?
A: The Newbury features scored scrapbook style pages onto which images may be affixed using photo corners, photo mounts, and/or photo tape. Protector pages do not come with the album but are available for purchase in packages of ten. The scores on the inside portion of the page near the album’s binding allow the pages to fold over easily.

Q: What type of pages does this album have?
A: The Newport features our famous and luxurious cloth-hinged scrapbook style pages onto which images may be affixed using photo corners, photo mounts, and/or photo tape. Protector pages do not come with the album but are available for purchase in packages of ten.

Q: Can the protector pages be removed from the Noci?
A: Yes, the Noci features removable polypropylene protector pages so the album may be used as a small scrapbook instead of an easy-load album.

Item Availability  
Some items may be out of stock due to popular demand. If an item is temporarily out of stock at the time of your order, you will be notified by email within one business day and will be given the estimated available date along with the alternative colors/products that are currently available. We do not accept backorders. If you don’t opt for a different item, your order will be refunded to the original card used when purchasing. For further assistance, please contact a Customer Care Representative at 1-800-833-5979 or by email at customerservice@topdrawershop.com 

Promo codes 
To redeem a promotion code during checkout, enter your promotion code in the coupon box and click “Apply.” When a promotion code is accepted, the offer will be reflected in your order confirmation.

If your promotion code is for a discounted or free product, be sure to add the item to your cart before entering your code. Promotion codes are case sensitive. Only one promotion code may be used per order. If you are experiencing difficulty with your promotion code, please contact a Customer Care Representative at 1-800-833-5979 or by email.

Gift Options 
Gift orders are shipped with a blind packing list which does not reflect price information.

Gift Cards are also available for purchase in the amounts of $25.00, $50.00, $100.00 and $250.00. You will receive your Gift Card by email once your order is placed. When purchasing as a gift, enter the recipient’s email address in the section marked, “Customer Information.”If you like to give the Gift Cards to the recipient at a later date, you may enter your email instead into this box and then print or forward the Gift Card. To purchase a Kolo Gift Card, please visit our Gift Card page. Please note: Kolo Gift Cards are redeemable online only. 

Sales Tax
Kolo charges sales tax for orders that are shipped to Connecticut. Recipients of orders from all other states are responsible to comply with local and state tax laws.

Payment Options 
Kolo accepts the following credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We are unable to accept CODs, personal checks, cash, or money orders.

Order Processing 
Your Kolo order will deliver within 7-10 business days via standard shipping. One- and two-day services are also available. Orders are not currently processed on Saturday or Sunday.

Order Changes and Cancellations 
We wish to provide efficient and reliable service. Our order processing system is currently automated, which means that we are not able to halt an order for changes once it has been submitted by you.

Where Is My Order? 
Once your order is shipped you will receive an email shipping notification. If you would like to check on the status of your order, please contact a Customer Care Representative and have your order number and email address ready. 

Qualifying for Wholesale 
Kolo is not opening new wholesale accounts at this time. To be considered in the future, please email us at customerservice@topdrawershop.com. When contacting us, please include the name of your business and owner, location, telephone number, and website if applicable.

As the leading luxury brand of photo presentation products, Kolo albums are timeless, beautifully designed, and manufactured with the highest quality craftsmanship. Whether it is for your employees, customers, clients, or to assist in the promotion of your products and services, a Kolo gift is valued and treasured.

Kolo offers discounts for purchases in bulk of a single item over $1,000 retail value. For information regarding Business to Business/Corporate pricing, please contact a Business Account Specialist at 1-800-833-5979 between M-F 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST, or via email.